Another paddling pub on the choping block

27 Nov 2016 11:13 AM | Deleted user

Canoe and Kayak once a monthly then a bi monthly is now a quarterly magazine. The latest issue while fat and nice is actualy two issues  and includes the once yearly Gear Guide Issue. If you want to see how much sea kayaking has declined this is a good example. Numerous boat makers..including NDK and Valley are no shows and when it comes to paddling gear only MTI  and Level Six answered the call. Bottom line: Canoe and Kayak is on the same stream that killed SeaKayaking Magazine because without support from the industry it cannot continue to exisit . This issue 's main article is house written and those great photographs are probably alot cheaper to run then paying for  articles written by outsiders.  It's an old publishing trick...when you have space to fill run a photograph..With the loss of advertisers,C and K has alot of space to fill.

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