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Web Site Help


The purpose of these procedures is to help TBSK members find their way thru our web site.  If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, contact Hank Brooks at

Making The Words Look Bigger

As we grow older, we enjoy larger type so we can read more easily.  Most browsers (M.S. Explorer, Firefox) allow you to zoom in and out to change the size of the entire picture on your screen.  For most browsers this button is located to the top right of your browser screen.  Give it a try.  

Table of Contents For Help

Please note that the TBSK web site with Wild apricot software does not have all the features referenced in their training tutorials.

A.  Buttons On Top of Home Page

1.  Log on

2.  My Profile

Log On & My Profile  - Click to See Video

3.  Search

4.  Sharing Buttons

B.  Top Menu (Below Picture)

C.  Bottom Menu

D.  Event Registration (Notifying Trip Leader you are attending a trip)

E.  Membership Dues

  1. Joining TBSK
  2. Renewing Your Membership

F.  Photos of Members

Click to See Instructions On Uploading Photos

G.  Site Features (Includes adding link to personal calendar)

H. Site Map


A.  Top Buttons On Home Page

1.  Log On (top right of page)

The web site can be viewed without logging in.  However, there are some pages which are available to members only, so you must log-in to see Events (details of TBSK events) and Members Only (information to contact other members).  To log-in:

  • Click on the Log-In icon in the upper right of the home page
  • Enter your user name - your user name is your email address.
  • Password:  Click on "forgot password" to set your password

2.  My Profile Edit your website profile by first logging in and then clicking on your name next to the "Log In" button.

My Profile:  This is information about yourself which is available to TBSK members only. You can change your information by clicking on "Profile" and then the "Edit Profile" button.  Don't forget click on check box  to "Agree to TBSK Terms & Conditions"

  • Profile This contains your basic membership info.  Add or change your info as needed.
  • Show Profile to Others.  We have locked member profiles so that they can only be seen by other members.  The small "lock" icon means that you cannot change these settings, only the Web Master can.
  • Email Subscriptions:  You cannot unsubscribe from automatic emails (sent by the system) that that tell you that your dues need to be paid or thanks for renewing.  You can unsubscribe from manual emails (sent by club officers) concerning such things as TBSK paddles, picnics and the newsletter has been published.  You can unsubscribe either in "My Profile" or at the bottom of the individual email.  Once unsubscribed, you must contact the Web Master to re-subscribe.
  • Invoices & Payments You will receive an invoice to notify you that your dues need to be paid.  Your invoice notices and payments are listed in this section.

 3.   Search (middle top of page) – Enter the words which will help you find the topic you want

·       4.  Sharing Buttons: (top left hand corner) – Enables you to “Like Us” on your Facebook or Twitter   account. 

B.  Top Menu 

  • ·       Home – Home page of web site helps re-center you when searching the site.
  • ·       Club Info – This is the portal to information which describes the club.
  • ·       Events Calendar – This lists the calendar of TBSK events.  You click on a specific event on the calendar and it takes you to the List of Events, where you can find details of all scheduled events.
  • ·       Photos – This is the club photo album which is shown on the slide show on the home page.  If you like you can go thru each photo in the Photo Album with selection toggles. Only site administrators can add pictures to the photo album.  If you have a special picture, send it to the Web Master.
  • ·       Join Us – Gives instructions on joining TBSK.  
  • ·       Contact Us – Instructions on how to contact TBSK.
  • ·       Events List – This takes you to a list of events.  It by passes the “Calendar of Events” and is a "Members Only" page which means that if you are not logged in as a member the "Events List" will not appear in the menu, nor will have access to it.
  •  ·       Help – This is where you find these Help instructions to help you use the site.

C.  Bottom Menu (At bottom of each page)

  •      News - This will lead you to both the TBSK News Blog and Newsletters
  •      Trip Planning – This contains information about planning a trip.
  • ·       Paddle Places – Places that many of us like to paddle.
  • ·       Safety & Training – Access to safety tips and training available.
  • ·       Member Directory – List of members with contact info.  Visible to members only.

D.  Event Registration

 There are several ways to let the trip leader know that you want to attend a trip.  You can email the directly, you can use the Event "Register" feature located on the Events List or you can click on the email link embedded in the event email sent to you by the Trip Coordinator. 

To Un-register for an event, after you have registered, simply send the trip leader, or event organizer, an email that you are not coming.

E.  Membership Dues
1.  New Members Joining TBSK:  Click on the "Join Us" button on the top menu and follow instructions.
2.  Renewing Your Membership:  Your membership can be renewed either thru your "Profile" or my clicking on the link in the email reminding you to pay your dues.
The procedures for paying your dues thru "My Profile" are as follows:
    1)  Log on to the TBSK web site (button is in upper right hand corner of screen)
    2)   Go to "My Profile" by clicking on your name in upper right hand corner of screen.
    3)  Scroll down on the "My Profile" screen, under "Membership Details" you will see a small box which says "Renew to - new renewal date"  Click on this date.
    4)  "Membership Renewal" page will come up.  Scroll to bottom of page and ensure that the check box is checked for "Agree to the Liability Waiver and Need to Know"  Then click on "Update and Next" button.
    5.) Scroll down and click on "Pay Online" button.  This will take you to the Pay Pal payment screen.
    6)  You can pay either using your credit card OR using your Pay Pal Account (you do NOT need to set up a Pay Pal account)
         a.  To pay using your credit card:
    • ·      Enter your credit card number and other requested info (billing address, phone no. and email address).  If the transaction has been completed successfully, you will receive an email confirming this.
    •   Hit "Continue" button and the "Summary" screen will come up.
    • Hit the "Finalize Payment" button and payment will be complete
        b.  Pay dues using Pay Pal by logging on onto your Pay Pal account.
    F.  Photos of Members

    Members can add personal photos to their profile by clicking on their profile and selecting "Member Photo Albums"  A maximum of three photo albums can be created by a member.  Detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the link above.

    G. Site Features
    This lists all the features of the TBSK web site and were to find the feature.

    H.  Site Mapx – This does a great job of showing you how all the pages of the web site are organized.  You can click on any page and it will take you directly to that page.

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