Election of club officers occurs each December, and TBSK will have one board position open for the coming year: vice president. You can find the position description in TBSK's charter.  If you are interested in stepping up your level of involvement with the club to fill any position let current president Tom Joseph know before December 1.  We will publish the slate of candidates in our December newsletter and conduct an online election next month. 

Results will be posted in the January newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to any current board members if you have questions about the board or any of the officer duties.  You can find a listing of TBSK board members here and their contact information is in our member directory.


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Upcoming Events


On the 17th we met at Ft. DeSoto where we split into three groups..Lev1, Lev2 & Rescue Training followed by a wonderful picnic. Been two years since we had our monthly potluck with Jim and Libby grilling up the burgers.

Photos compliments of Libby Wolf & Jill Lingard

Photos compliments of Jan Machnikowski

After spending some time on the homepage these pics are moved to Dropbox. Members find them here

  • Member Video (NickvP) - Surge Narrows (link) 
  • Member Video (NickvP) - Vancouver tiderace (link)
  • Member Video (TomJ) - WeekiWachee (link)

Why we promote training

Recommended Viewing- video of a Maine kayak mishap with the group demonstrating excellent training and experience. 10 minutes from accident to boat transport. 


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Please contact tbsk@tbsk.club if you have any questions.

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