The Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers are a unique paddle club which we believe is the best in Florida.  In 2005 the American Canoe Assn (ACA) awarded our club the "Outstanding Paddle Club in the U.S." Award, and we've continued with the same high standards.  The reasons we are unique:

  • The major focus of our club is to allow you meet other paddlers who have similar boats, paddle skills and favorite places to paddle as yourself - "paddle buddies". With over 150 members, there is a great chance of finding your buddies.
  • During paddles our goal is to have fun - enjoying all aspects of Florida's wonderful nature. At the same time, we work to ensure that our members learn and practice safe kayaking, whether in the ocean (gulf), our bays, or our many varied rivers.
  • TBSK has over 20 trained trip leaders (some ACA certified) who lead a combined total of over 100 trips per year. They maintain proficiency in effective group leadership on the water, including how to rescue capsized paddlers and in group control (we stick together). They regularly carry safety equipment including tow ropes (if you can't make it back) and a first aid kit.
  • We realize that one size does not fit all. Different paddlers have different boats, skills and fitness. So we have four different levels of paddle trips:
        • Level 0  -  These are paddles typically less than 3 miles and the speed is only about 1.5 mph
        • Level I   -  Paddles are about 5 miles or less at about 2.5 mph in sheltered water
        • Level II -  Paddles are from 5 to 10 miles at about 3.5 mph
        • Level III -  Paddles can be over 10 miles at 4 mph or more on open water
  • We highly prize building friendships thru paddling. We socialize at our monthly paddle-picnics (at which we have paddles for all skill levels), at our monthly meetings (with a speaker) held at local kayak shops in the Tampa Bay area. Our newsletter of events helps us all keep connected. Our advanced paddlers help the less skilled develop their skills (including rescue skills). Members are also available to give advice on buying a boat.

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