- We have paddles every week

- Free coaching.. instruction

- Monthly club meetings w/speaker (Zoom)

- Monthly paddle and training picnics 

- Come to one of our events..be our guest !

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Upcoming Events

In our backyard, coming Feb 25-27 is an offering by Sweetwater Kayaks for a variety of classes, trainings and assessments.


Why we promote training

Recommended Viewing- video of a Maine kayak mishap with the group demonstrating excellent training and experience. 10 minutes from accident to boat transport. 


Buy or Sell

This past weeks trip to Three Rooker. Led by Dave, pics from Nick and Dave. 

After spending some time on the homepage these pics are moved to Dropbox. Members find them here

  • Member Video (NickvP) - Vancouver tiderace (link)
  • Member Video (TomJ) - WeekiWachee (link)

Please contact tbsk@tbsk.club if you have any questions.

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