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Kayak Camping

Camping via a kayak can be a very enjoyable experience, provided that you know what you are doing.  Being unprepared or forgetting some of the essentials, can put a big damper on your experience.  This page is meant to help you have a good experience.

  • Who Can I Get To Go Camping With Me?
  • Of course you should ask your paddle buddies.  If you are looking for other TBSKers who enjoy camping, go to the Member Directory (bottom menu)

    There you will find members who are interested in Kayak Camping.  Get in contact with them.

  • Levels of Kayak Camping
The first question you need to ask yourself is how remote will your campsite be?  Can you take all of your camping gear in your car and set your tent up next to your car or does everything you need to take, including water, need to fit into your boat?
  • What Gear Should I Take To Go Camping?
This depends on how remote your campsite is.  A list of typical camping gear can be found by clicking here (comprehensive List).
 0r use this one for a short overnight trip Short Easy list
  •   How Do I Get All That Gear In One Small Boat?
 If you are camping with others, there is some gear you may be able to share, such as kitchen gear.
Need some helpful hints on how to pack your Kayak please click here.
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