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Fyi this page is in need of updates since the recent website changes. Some information below may not be accurate.

This lists all the unique features of this web site and where they may be found.  For example, a unique feature of the site is the way you do membership renewal.  That feature can be found:  My Profile > Invoices & Payments

Features are listed alphabetically:

  •  Directory of Members This is a list of all members and their contact info.  It is available to members only.  The directory also shows any personal photos you have uploaded to you Profile and your personal picture – if you choose to post it to your Profile.  To Find: Member Directory on bottom menu.
    •  Event List: TBSK events will be entered by the Trip Coordinator with all the details about the trip.  It also has a feature to enable you to download the event to your personal calendar (e.g M.S. Outlook). This is only visible to members, so you must be logged in to see it. To Find:  Top menu (if you are logged in).
      •  Events Calendar: All posted events are automatically posted on the Events Calendar.  If you click on the event on the calendar, it takes you directly to the Event List, so you can see the details.    To Find:  Top menu
        •  Event Registration: If you want to go on a trip, you can either send the trip leader an email (the old fashioned way) or push the Register button on the Event List and up pops an email form which you can send to the trip leader.  You will also be sent an email announcing the event.  There is a link in the email which enables you to send an email to the trip leader to tell him/ her that you are coming.  To Find: .  Events Calendar > Upcoming Events > Register (at bottom of event description)
        • Event Unregister:  To unregister for a trip go to the details of a event where you will see an "Already Registered" link. Click on that "Already Registered" link and and you see a link to unregister
          • Email Notifications: The system automatically send out emails to remind you that your dues need to be paid.  We can also set up event notices in advance for each paddle and to announce that the newsletter is ready. 
          • Forums:  All members will be able to post to the TBSK news and for sale forums.  Other members can then post comments on the forum articles. 
          • Help:  A button which gives members help with our web site.  To Find:  Top menu
            •  Membership Renewal  You will now renew your membership in My Profile
              •  Membership Renew Message:  When you need to pay your dues, the system automatically sends you an email reminder.  A message will also appear in bottom right of your screen. 
                •  Membership Status: Your membership status and the date you must pay your dues is in My Profile
                  •  Member Directory This is a list of all members with their contact info and is only visible to TBSK members.  To Find:  Bottom menu
                    •  My Profile:  From My Profile you can perform most of the functions with our club.  You can:
                      • Renew your dues
                      • Change your contact info (e.g your email address)
                      • Unsubscribe to event emails and email blasts (e.g announcing that the newsletter is ready)
                      • Upload photos to your personal on-line file
                      • If you click on another person’s profile, there is a feature to send them an email.
                    •   Newsletters:  This is where you can find current and past newsletters.  To Find:  News > Newsletters > specific month
                    •  Personal Calendar Link:  Puts events on your personal calendar. 
                      •  Photos:  TBSK Photos are shown on Slide Show You can download personal photos to a Photo Album which you have created under you’re My Profile.
                        • Site Map:  Explains how the web site is organized to help you find things.  To Find:  Bottom of all pages
                        • Site Features: Lists all the features of the site and where they can be found.  To Find:  Bottom of all pages
                        • Slide Show: A slide show of pictures from the TBSK album.  Located on the Home Page
                        •  Upcoming Events:  A list of the next three upcoming events.  To Find:  Home page


                          Site Features

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