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Service Dogs

Normally, TBSK does not allow animals on TBSK paddles.  However, service dogs may be allowed on a Recreational level trip, with the agreement of the trip leader.  To ensure that the trip is appropriate for a member with a service dog, the TBSK member must:

  • Realize that TBSK is not responsible for service dogs brought on a paddle.
  • Only Recreational Level trips would be appropriate for service dogs.
  • Notify the trip leader that you are bringing a service dog.
  • Ensure that the dog wears an appropriate PFD.
  • The dog must be well trained  (e.g. for dogs that would mean no barking at animals or other kayakers and be able to be on the boat several hours without taking a pee break).
Trip Leader Responsibilities
  • When notified that a service dog will be on the trip, determine if the trip is appropriate for a member with a service dog.  For example, you would probably want to avoid an area which has a large alligator population.
  • If not appropriate, the trip leader can either contact the member and explain why the trip would not be appropriate (e.g. large number of alligators) or change the location of the paddle.
  • Contact the TBSK President if the trip leader asks the member with a service dog to not participate in a TBSK paddle.

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