TBSK Monthly Meeting Non-Members Invited-Kayaks are boats, first and always! with Gene Scott Keller

  • 10 Oct 2016
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Bill Jackson's Shop For Adventure

Gene Scott Keller, USCG Aux Commander Div. 7 will talk about kayaks as boats on the waterways:

  • Who has the right of way when encountering other boats.
  • Safe ways to cross boat channels
  • Required equipment what does the law say? What other equipment might you consider carrying aboard your boat?
  • Wearing your PFD vs having one aboard.
  • Lost or stolen boat stickers, how they save time, money and lives.
  • Communications, cell phone VHF radio How to protect.
  • Float plan - why, and how.
  • How can you help.  Building a partnership between the Coast Guard and the paddleboat community.

He also would like to share with us the increases in paddler rescues, and to ask some questions about how we can help the CG better serve the community.  He will be reporting back to Station Saint Petersburg on the following:​

"How can we increase the amount of voluntary inspections of paddle craft ? How can we better  educate folks about equipment requirements and suggestions ?

What kind of classes would be helpful?

What venues would be best?

Would the authorization of kayaks as on the water Auxiliary facilities improve safety?

Would members of the paddle craft community  be interested in joining  the AUX and  training to become teachers, vessel inspectors and facility operators to patrol waterways used by paddle craft that can't be accessed by power craft?"

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