ACA Instructor Training for TBSK Members

  • 16 Dec 2018
  • 8:30 AM
  • 18 Dec 2018
  • 5:30 PM
  • specific location to be determined

The TBSK Board has approved a program to subsidize up to 4 members for a portion of the cost of becoming certified as ACA Level 2 Kayak Instructors. There are numerous benefits to becoming certified as an ACA Instructor including, for example:

  • Significant improvement in your own kayaking skills
  • Learning how to teach others to kayak
  • “Instructor only” discounts from major manufacturers
  • Access to “instructor only” training events
  • Insurance for courses that you may teach
  • The satisfaction of being recognized as a proficient kayaker.

Following is a description as to how this program will work for TBSK members:

Steven Henkind, who is an ACA L4 Instructor, has been working towards certification as an ACA IT (Instructor Trainer). He is nearly done with that process and, as the final step, needs to run a three day L2 Instructor Certification workshop. He will be overseen by ACA Instructor Trainer Educator (ITE), Dale Williams, who will assist with, and oversee, the class. For those of you who are not familiar with him, Dale is one of the few L5 ITEs in the entire country and is a veritable legend in the paddling world. He is also an outstanding instructor.

In addition, Steve will provide preparatory training – in advance of the workshop – at no cost. For those of you who have taken classes with Steve, you know that not only is he a very proficient paddler, he is also an excellent teacher.

Up to six students may sign up for the workshop. If you successfully complete the various activities (including personal kayaking skills, proficiency at rescues, group management, and teaching) you will then be certified as an ACA L2 Instructor. In addition, in case you have not already done so, you would also be certified as a TBSK trip leader.

The normal price for these certification workshops ranges between $375 and $525 (for all three days). Steve Henkind will run the class at a discounted rate ($300) for TBSK members, and TBSK is willing to sponsor up to four paddlers ($125 each). Thus, your cost, out of pocket, would be $175 for the three day workshop – a massive discount. In exchange for this subsidization, TBSK would expect you to run (a minimum) of four trips for the club, during the following year, at which point the club would reimburse you for the $125.

It should be emphasized that participating in the workshop does not guarantee that you will be certified – there are specific criteria, and tasks, that need to be accomplished. However, if you already have strong paddling skills, and are willing/interested to do some preparation, you stand a very good chance of becoming certified. Of note, you need to be proficient at paddle strokes (including moving the boat sideways, and backwards), and you need to have a strong T rescue – but you do not need to be able to roll in order to achieve the L2 level.

This workshop will be run from December 16 – 18th, 2018 in the Tampa Bay area.

Please contact Steve on his phone (914-420-1615), or via email ( to indicate your interest and in case you have any questions.

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