• 13 Jul 2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • Lake Magdalene, Tampa
  • 2


  • Refresher training for TBSK trip leaders.

Registration is closed

LEADERS: Jean Totz (jean.totz@yahoo.com), Steve Henkind (steven.henkind@gmail.com), Jackie Whitaker (jwhitaker1960@gmail.com)

START TIME: 8:30am

END TIME: 5:00pm (may be earlier if heat/thunderstorms makes it advisable)

LOCATION: 14012 Shady Shores Drive, Tampa Florida 33613

This year the TL Update Day will be held on Lake Magdalene, Steve Henkind's residence. This is a great venue and has proven to be very appropriate to this type of training. We will cover a wide range of rescues which will include various watercraft: SOTs, Paddle Boards and a Recreational Sit In Kayak with minimal flotation.

The TL Update program:

1) Risk Assessment/Safety Brief … including Medical History Cards

2) Wet Exits

3) T Rescue (as rescuer and rescuee). Target time of 1 minute.

4) Assisted reentry progression:

A) Back Deck

B) Heel Hook

C) Stirrup

D) 2nd Paddler Assist

E) Scoop

5) All In Rescue

6) Rescues of non Sea Kayaks:

A) Recreational Sit In Kayaks

B) Sit on tops


7) Towing

A) Contact Tows

B) In-line Tow

C) In- line Tow with assistance

(Double In Line, Husky)

D) Rafted Tow

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