TBSK Training Day - Powering Up Your Forward Stroke + Towing

  • 17 Dec 2022
  • 10:00 AM
  • EG Simmons Park, Ruskin
  • 5


  • Learn and practice forward strokes and towing


Instructors: Jill Lingard, Scott Jantz, and Bill Morgan.  Other coaches will be recruited if demand exceeds the current cap of 8 students.

Description:  How powerful is your forward stroke?  It’s what paddlers spend most of their time doing, but many of us give it little thought.  An effective forward stroke engages your entire body.  We’ll work on fine-tuning your form to maximize your efficiency and save your energy.  

One way to viscerally understand the power of your forward stroke is to tow another paddler.  We'll practice using various kinds of towing systems (contact tows, short tows, long tows) and then feel how good forward stroke form makes it all come together.  If time and conditions permit, we can turn our forward stroke/towing clinic into an exploration of the paddling trail there.  

Location: EG Simmons Park, 2401 19th Avenue NW in Ruskin

Schedule: Meet at the park’s paddling launch at 10 a.m., unload boats and gear, and be ready to start class by 10:30.

Additional information:

  • This training is open to all levels of paddlers.  It's especially relevant for trip leaders...never know when you'll need to tow someone!
  • If you have short or long tow systems, bring them.  We can also loan ours out.
  • As usual, participants must wear PFDs.  Spray skirts are a good idea too, though not mandatory.
  • Pack a lunch and plenty to drink.  If conditions allow us to paddle the trail, we can enjoy lunch out there.

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