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Charter For the

Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers, Inc
Revised Dec 2021


The purpose of this Club is to be actively engaged in the sport of sea kayaking, doing so in the spirit of fellowship, and passing on to others the skills and knowledge gained in the process. It shall be a nonpartisan Club; membership is open to all regardless of sex, race, age, religion, national origin or political persuasion. Membership may be obtained by paying the required annual dues. This club is incorporated as non-profit organization, owning no real property, having no paid positions and acknowledging no liabilities.

I.  Club Organization

The Club will be organized as follows:

  • Board of Directors – The governing Board of club officers, the Board will determine the direction of the club in monthly meetings, with each position having a single vote in making decisions. In the event of a tie, the President will cast an additional deciding vote.
  • Trip Leaders - Will lead TBSK trips and will be considered non-voting officers of the club.
  • General Membership – The remainder of the club membership.

II.  Board of Directors and Officers

The Board of Directors will be comprised of the following club officers:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Trip Coordinator
  • Activities Coordinator (may be two Officers as Co-Coordinators)
  • Training/ Safety Coordinator (may be two Officers as Co-Coordinators)
  • Webmaster

1. President

Position Requirements:

  • Expected Minimum Time: 2 hrs/ wk
  • May not serve more than three consecutive terms, but will be eligible for re-election after a period of not less than one year out of office.
  • Have a general knowledge of kayaking, kayaking shops and the inner workings of TBSK
  • Have the maturity to lead the Club and it's Board of Directors.
  • Have the ability to deal with kayak shop management.
  • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.

Personal qualifications of a President:

  • Leadership – To have a vision of where the club should go and to help set club goals.
  • Management/ Organizational Skills - To ensure that the club and it's events are organized and run effectively.
  • Passion For Kayaking – Have the personal time and commitment to run the club



  • Presides and officiates at all TBSK functions & meetings, including Board of Directors meetings and any called special meetings.
  • Develops and oversees the overall direction the club will follow.
  • Responsible for the development of Club policies to be approved by the Board of Directors.
  • On important Board of Directors' topics, develops position papers and budgets necessary to guide the action to a logical conclusion.
  • Each January, works with the Board of Directors to establish a statement of Goals and Objectives for the new year as well as a Club Budget; both of which must be approved by a majority vote of the Board.
  • Presents important information from the Board of Directors to the membership both at the general membership meetings and in the newsletter.
  • Works with all local kayak shops and other paddling organizations to foster strong and cooperative relationships.
  • For election of Club officers, works with the Board of Directors to ensure that sufficient qualified members are available to fill all Club officers' positions.
  • Submits Board of Directors Meeting agenda to Board of Directors members one week before the meeting and ensures that any Board member may add an item to the agenda.
  • The President can vote at Board of Directors Meetings and only vote in cases of a tie vote at General Membership Meetings.

2. Vice-President

Position Requirements:

  • Expected Minimum Time: 1 hrs/ wk
  • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


  • Assists the President with the duties of that office and presides over any function at which the President cannot be present.
  • Oversees program for making TBSK logo apparel and/or equipment available to members
  • Assists any Club officer who needs help in achieving their goals.
  • Obtains speakers/ presenters for the monthly General Membership Meetings for the Club.

3. Secretary

  • Position Requirements:
  • Expected Minimum Time: 2 hr/ wk
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel and Word software and the Internet.
  • Takes minutes at the monthly Board of Directors meetings.


  • Distributes the minutes of Board meetings to its members.

4. Treasurer

  • Position Requirements:
  • Expected Minimum Time: 1 hr/ wk
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel and Word software and the Internet.
  • Oversees the Club’s Bank of America [BoA] checking account and completes monthly Club Financial Reports detailing Club income, expenses, and current balance.
  • Knowledge and ability to use the BoA online Payment Center to conduct the Club’s financial obligations.
  • Knowledge and ability to monitor the financial transactions on the Club’s website’s [Wild Apricot] online proprietary payment processing system, AffiniPay.


  • Sends a monthly Club Financial Report to the Board members.
  • Pays the Club’s vendors and reimburses the members for legitimate Club-related expenses from its BoA account via Bill Pay, when presented with original receipts. 
  • Maintains a cumulative record of the Club's income and expenses in an Excel format.
  • Completes a TBSK Federal Tax Form 990 annually, with assistance from the Club President.   The Club fiscal year starts on January 1 of each year for Federal Tax reasons.
  • Maintains either hard or electronic copies of expense receipts submitted for reimbursement for a minimum of three years after the date the tax return is due or filed, whichever is later.

5. Newsletter Editor  

Position Requirements:

  • Expected Minimum Time: 2 hrs/ wk
  • Computer skills sufficient to be able to format & write the TBSK Newsletter with
  • Microsoft Publisher, import pictures into the Newsletter and write and edit stories/articles. Ideally, will have high speed DSL internet connection to transmit pictures and articles.
  • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings.


  • Responsible for collecting the information necessary to develop an informed and interesting Newsletter.
  • In conjunction with the Webmaster, provides a PDF copy of the Newsletter via email by the end of each month.
  • Ensures that information on Club elections is published in the October and November Newsletters and elected officers in the January issue.
  • Maintains the club Facebook page.

6. Membership Coordinator

Position Requirements:

  • Expected. Time: 1 hr/ wk
  • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Excel and Word software and the internet.


  • Take pro-active actions to build the Club membership.
  • Help develop a more "customer service" approach which looks to defining and filling Club members' needs. This includes conducting an annual survey of Club members.
  • Maintain the Club P.O. Box. Deposits any checks received into TBSK’s checking account.
  • Maintains the club membership roles on the TBSK web site and updates as necessary.
  • Sends the Newsletter Editor a list of new and renewing members names for the newsletter each month.
  • In conjunction with the President, ensure that all Club members and local kayak shops have TBSK brochures to help build membership.
  • Orders & maintains the necessary inventory of recruiting materials: TBSK decals, brochures, business cards, and other Club paraphernalia.
  • For TBSK monthly meetings, sets out sign-up sheets for guests, welcomes visitiors and follows up with a welcome email.

7.   Trip Coordinator

    Position Requirements:

    • Expected Minimum Time: 1 hrs/ wk
    • Must have persuasion skills to convince TBSK members to lead trips.
    • Be able to develop creative ways of increasing the number of TBSK led trips.
    • Must be computer savvy
    • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


    • Helps recruit, assist, and support Trip Leaders.
    • With the Safety & Training Coordinator, organizes Trip Leader training for those interested in leading TBSK trips.
    • With the Safety & Training Coordinator, ensures all Trip Leaders have received the proper training before they lead TBSK trips.
    • Posts the trip information to the TBSK web site when it is received from the Trip Leaders and posts all TBSK events to the web site.
    • Sends any annual liability waivers
    • Review the TBSK membership list to identify potential Trip Leaders. Maintain the Club’s Trip Leader Manual & Skills Self-Assessment Guide. Help locate and promote new and different types of trips to new areas.

    8.   Activities Coordinator(s)

      Position Requirements:

      • Expected Minimum Time: 1.5 hrs/ wk
      • Able to plan, organize and conduct events.
      • Attend and supervise the conduct of club-wide social events across the Bay Area.
      • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


      • Purchase [for reimbursement] the food and drink for the monthly picnic and annual      holiday party, as deemed appropriate, and bring to each venue.
      • Be able to store the accessory food preparation supplies: cooking and serving utensils, condiments, and table setting materials, and transport to the club events.
      • Allow adequate time to assure the site set-up and food preparation to coordinate with the paddlers' activities.
      • May recruit volunteers to assist with site break down and clean up of the serving and eating areas.

      9.   Training/ Safety Coordinator

        Position Requirements:

        • Expected Minimum. Time: 1 hrs/ wk
        • Demonstratesvery good kayaking skills and knowledge
        • Coach effectively kayak/knowledge skills to Club members.
        • Attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


        • Encourage all club members to receive Kayak safety and skills training.
        • Conduct training/ safety and basic strokes classes for club members at least six times a year.
        • Maintain record of all classes to include instructors, students and any fees paid.
        • Submit information on classes to the Newsletter Editor & Web Master.
        • Develop and schedule training for TBSK Trip Leaders.
        • Maintain a roster of approved Trip Leaders who have completed training and demonstrated competence in required skills for that position.

        10.   Webmaster

          Position Requirements:

          • Expected Minimum Time: 1 hrs/ wk
          • Must have above average computer and internet skills.
          • Able to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


          • Maintain the TBSK website content, to include keeping the Club website up-to-date.
          • Back-up a “safety copy” of the TBSK web site
          • Ensure that the Club’s liability protection is maintained, reviewed annually, and approved by the Board.
          • Smart Waivers:  At the start of each insurance year (Jan 1) use the Smart Waiver software to obtain as many signed waiver forms as possible from our members thru the internet.  With this information, the “Signed Waiver Form” list is started each year.
          • Use the information from both the submitted Smartwaiver forms and signed hardcopies to maintain the website database of signed/unsigned waivers.
          • Instruct other members of the Board in Website capabilities and functions.
          • Facilitate distribution of the electronic copies of the monthly Newsletter via the Website or such other electronic distribution means as may be developed and approved by the Board.
          • Answer email inquiries sent to the Club email address and forward to appropriate board member(s).
          • Propose to the Board of Directors any significant structural improvements/ changes to the website and upon approval, implement the approved changes

          Trip Leaders

          Trip Leaders will lead TBSK "official trips" for which they have notified the TBSK Coordinator and are covered by the Club’s liability insurance. Trip Leaders are non-voting officers of the Club. They must successfully complete Trip Leader Training before leading TBSK trips, be familiar with the content of the Club’s Trip Leader Manual, and maintain a satisfactory level of paddling proficiency as determined by the Training & Safety Coordinator(s).

          III. Amendments to Club Charter

          The responsibilities of Club officers may be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors only. All other charter changes require:

          a.     Any club member can propose an amendment to the club charter by putting it in writing and giving it to a board member.
          b.     Charter amendments must go thru the following process:
          1)      Be approved by a majority vote of the board
          2)      Notice of the proposed change be placed in the newsletter at least one month prior to the date of the vote at a general meeting.
          3)      Time allowed at the general meeting for discussion of changes.
          4)    A majority vote of those present at a regularly scheduled general membership meeting.

            IV. Finances

            The fiscal period will begin on the first day of January each year.

            • Income: Sources of club income shall include such things as: annual dues, Newsletter advertising and any other activity authorized by the Board of Directors.
            • Expenditures: Any Board of Directors member is authorized to spend up to $100 without prior Board of Directors approval. All other expenses must be approved by the Board of Directors.
            • Review: The board members will review the clubs expenditures as submitted on the Treasurers monthly financial reports. All expenditures made during the previous month that exceed $50 will be reviewed at the next Board of Directors meeting.
            • Surplus: The Club shall not accumulate surplus funds (funds to be carried over from year to year) in excess of the greater of $15,000 or $75 for each paid member as of December each year, unless approved by majority vote of the general membership. In the event a vote is to be taken, the reason for the vote, the amount of surplus to be carried over, and the date and place of the vote is to be advertised in not less than two monthly newsletters prior to the vote.

            V.   General Membership Meetings

            A General Membership Meeting will be regularly scheduled each month. The day of the month for these meetings will be determined by the Board of Directors. At any meeting, whenever a vote is called for, each paid member shall be accorded one vote. In the case of a family membership there will be two votes allowed for each family membership. A simple majority vote will decide all issues. Should there be a tie vote; the Club President will cast the deciding vote.

            VI.   Elections

            The election of all club officials will take place at the December General Membership Meeting. Officials will be elected by a majority of those members present.

            Selection of Club Officer Nominees: Starting no later than September 1st of each year, the President will lead the Board of Directors in finding suitable Club members to agree to run for office for the next year. This means making a list of possible candidates, contacting these people, reviewing the responsibilities and time required and getting agreement from individuals that if elected, they will serve. There must be at least one nominee for each Club office position.

            Notification: The first notice of Club elections will be posted in the September issue of the Club newsletter soliciting members who might be interested in holding a Club office. Any member who wishes to have their name included on the nominating committee's list, should notify the President prior to the newsletter's publication deadline of the 15th of October and November.

            The Election:

            1) Nominations will still be taken from the floor the night of the election. However, before they are included as a nominee, the proposed nominee must agree to serve if elected, that they are aware of the responsibilities of the office and that they have to time to accomplish the responsibilities.

            2) The President will close the nominations and proceed with the election of officials in the order the offices are listed in this Charter.  If there is more than one nominee for an office, each nominee shall have three minutes to tell Club members why they want the office and what they hope to accomplish.


            • Voting will consist of an open vote indicated by a show of hands. Each paid member shall be accorded one vote. In the case of family membership, there will be two votes allowed for each family membership.
            • Proxy voting: To accommodate members unable to attend the Election in person, Proxy forms will be made available. A notice in the November Newsletter will inform members of their right to obtain a Proxy form from any Board Member or by emailing the club email address. Signed Proxies, in a form approved by the Board of Directors, must be returned to the club Vice President or his/her designee, not later than December 1st. Members voting by Proxy may not vote in person at the Election Meeting.
            • A simple majority vote (including Proxy votes) will decide the election, should there be a tie vote, the Club President will cast the deciding vote.
            • Results: Notification of the election results are to appear in the January issue of the Club newsletter.

                Installation of Officers: Newly elected officials shall be installed at the Election Meeting/ Holiday Party Banquet, which will take the place of the December General Membership Meeting.

                Term of Office: The new officials shall take office on the date of the December General Membership Meeting and their office shall run until the date of the next election.

                Transition of Responsibilities: To ensure smooth transition of responsibilities & accountabilities, each previously serving officer and newly elected officer shall meet as necessary to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. This includes such important things as financial records, membership roster and other important Club information.

                VII. Board of Directors Operations

                Meetings: The Board of Directors shall be convened each month to conduct the business of this club, the day of the month to be decided by the Board. If neither the President nor Vice President can attend a scheduled meeting, either the President or Vice President can authorize the Secretary-Treasurer to run the meeting The President shall preside over meetings of the Board. A simple majority vote will decide all issues. No proxy votes will be allowed. To conduct business for the club a quorum must be present. A quorum shall consist of three (3) voting members and the President or Vice-President. The Board will observe the meeting protocols prescribed in the current edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order.” All issues placed on the agenda by a board member will be addressed during the meeting and voted on as appropriate. In order to be approved, motions require a majority vote of those present with each officer having one vote. In the event of a tie vote the President will decide whether the motion is to be approved or disapproved.

                • Office Holding: Any individual may hold more than one office, but will be accorded only one vote.
                • Replacement: If a seat is vacated by a board member on the Board of Directors, the President may appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term, subject to approval by the Board.
                • Removal From Office:
                o   With the approval of a majority of the other Directors, the President can remove a Club Officer from office if the Officer is not performing his/her duties adequately.
                o   Any Club Officer can be removed from office by a 2/3 majority vote of all board members.
                • Committees: Each member of the Board of Directors is considered to be the chairperson for their area of responsibility and as such, can form a sub-committee to assist them in carrying out their duties.

                o    Recruits sub-committee members

                o    Schedules sub-committee meetings

                o    Makes a record of sub-committee decisions, actions and results and present reports of such to the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting.

                • New Programs: Any program/project being presented to the Board under sponsorship of a Board member should contain the following information:
                  • Goal
                  • Benefit to club
                  • Anticipated costs
                  • Anticipated income
                  • Proposed start and completion dates
                  • Number of members required
                  • Outside organizations or persons required
                • President's Emergency Committee: This committee may be assembled at any time at the discretion of the President to deal with emergencies when there is not time to call together the full Board of Directors. This committee is limited not to exceed expenditures of $250 nor commitments longer than two (2) months. This committee shall consist of a quorum (three members of the Board of Directors, plus the President or Vice President).

                VIII. Chapters

                In recognition of the fact that driving distances to regular TBSK functions may be burdensome for members residing more than fifty (50) miles from Tampa, the Club may from time to time establish Chapters. Creation or dissolution of a Chapter must be approved by at least a 2/3 majority vote of the entire Board of Directors, such vote to be taken no sooner than the first meeting following the initial proposal to the Board. TBSK Members electing to participate in a Chapter will continue to enjoy all privileges and obligations of TBSK but may also participate in activities of the Chapter.

                1.     Any approved Local Chapter with ten or more active TBSK Members may elect a Chapter President and Vice President each year. The Chapter will have one voting position on the TBSK Board of Directors for the President – or the Vice President in the event of the President’s absence.
                2.     TBSK will provide funding for up to four activities (e.g. picnic, lunch, or membership meetings) of any Chapter each calendar year, to be scheduled and conducted under the direction of the President; such funding to be in an amount not to exceed the cost of similar meetings conducted in the Tampa Bay Area for TBSK members.
                3.     The Chapter President will work with TBSK Officers in scheduling paddle trips and Activities for Chapter members in accordance with TBSK policies and procedures.
                and Activities for Chapter members in accordance with TBSK policies and procedures.
                4.     Club Paddles for Chapter members will be led by qualified TBSK Trip Leaders with signed TBSK Waivers obtained prior to the paddle and submitted to the TBSK Trip Coordinator.
                5.     The chapter will follow the TBSK Bi-Laws, will make no chapter amendments, and will not impose any additional membership fees or any other fees for it members.
                6.       Minutes of each Chapter meeting will be forwarded to the TBSK Secretary.
                7.       Enrollment materials, both written and electronic, shall be amended to provide for TBSK Members to indicate if they choose to be included in an approved Chapter.

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